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Batman #181 / Batman #289 /  Brave and the Bold #153 / Captain America #221 / Captain America #230 / Conan The Barbarian #13 /  Conan The
Barbarian #14 / Dawn/Vampirella #1 / Detective Comics #359 / Four Color #711 / Red Sonja: The Black Tower #1 / Sgt Fury #101 / Space Man #10 /
Uncanny X-Men #139
/Uncanny X-Men #143 / Wonder Woman #188 / Wonder Woman Newspaper Comics Come to IDW / X-Men #36

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Gammera The Invincible (1965)(Gamera) / The Mummy (1932)(Universal) / Rodan (1956)


Go Back to Work with Black Widow /  Go Back To Work With Wolverine / Thanos Goes Infinite with A God Up There Listening

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monster island news
We Got Toys
The Wolf Man
Every full moon he turns
into an animal chasing
chicks and killing
King Kong

Ann Darrow (Fay Wray)
agrees to star in a film
directed by Carl
Denham (Robert
Armstrong). The two set
sail on the
S.S. Venture for filming
on a mysterious island
in the Indian Ocean.

Mad Monster Party

Baron von Frankenstein
[voice of Boris Karloff],
the scientist who
discovered the secret to
creation, has just
perfected the secret to

It's The Great
Pumpkin Charlie
Brown (1966)(CBS)

Charlie Brown is
excited to be invited to
his first ever party,
Violet's Halloween
party. Before the party,
the Peanuts gang plan
to go trick or treating,
with Snoopy, who is
dressed as the WWI
flying ace, taking his
Halloween persona to
an extreme.

Mass Flying Dinosaur
Sightings In Texas
Circa 1976

For two months in early
1976, the Rio Grande
Valley was plagued by a
massive flying beast
Batman #181 June
1966 Beware of --
Poison Ivy!

An original grunge girl
and botanist from
Seattle, Pamela Lillian
Isley wants to be on top
Gotham's criminal food
chain so she invites all
the other riot girls in
town (Dragon Fly,
Silken Spider, Tiger
Moth) to a rumble
Star Wars:
Episode VII

Many years after the
of Darth Vader, and the
Skywalker has
begun an new Jedi order.

Godzilla 2
(Warner Bros)

A series of massive
earthquakes in the
Pacific region unleash a
literal herd of prehistoric
creatures (Ghidorah,
Rodan, and Mothra).
Godzilla, the world's
Alpha predator, is called
on again to restore
balance in the world.

Ghostbusters 3

If Dan Aykroyd has his
way, the next
"Ghostbusters" movie
will look a lot like
"Charlies Angels."  
"Ghostbusters 3" will
feature an all girl ghost
busting team.
20 Million Miles To
Earth (1957)
(Columbia Pictures)

Little Pepe doesn’t
realize that the metal
canister he holds in his
hands contains an
unborn creature from
the planet Venus
Hello boys, have a
good night's rest, I
missed you. -
Saddles (1974)
Godzilla Turns 60! -
Godzilla: King of the
Bigfoot Goes
Hollywood -
A Brief
History Of Bigfoot In
Southern California

‘Huge, scary,
aggressive, fast, and
threatening’. These
terms are used to
describe several
Bigfoot-like creature
"Have ya paid your
dues, Jack?"
"Yessir, the check is
in the mail." -
Trouble In Little
China (1986)(20th
Century Fox)

Big Trouble in Little
China is a 1986
American martial arts
comedy film
directed by John
Dynamite Baby,

Grindhouse films
characteristically contain
large amounts of sex,
violence or bizarre
subject matter. One
genre of film featured
were "roughies" or
sexploitation, a mix of
sex, violence and
sadism. Quality varied,
but low budget
production values and
poor print quality were
common. Critical
opinions varied
regarding typical
grindhouse fare,
but many films acquired
cult following.
Faster, Pussycat! Kill!
Kill! (1965)(Russ Meyer)

Such a film is the 1965
Russ Meyer classic (?)
"Faster, Pussycat! Kill!
Kill!" which to me is one
of those afore
mentioned type of films.
Why do I like it so
much? Well ... I can only
surmise that it has
something to so with
cleavage and violence.
It may also have
something to do with it
being a great "quote
movie" like "Army of
Darkness", "Big
Trouble in Little China"
and "Shaun of the
Gappa: The Triphibian
Monster (1967)

Daikyojū Gappa is a 1967
tokusatsu kaiju film. The film
was produced by Nikkatsu

The Giant Claw (1957)
(Columbia Pictures)

The Giant Claw is a 1957 sci-
fi film about a giant bird ("It's
as big as a battleship!") that
terrorizes the world.

The Mighty Peking Man
(1977)(Shaw Brothers)

What makes Mighty Peking
Man such a trashy delight? It's
not just the absurdly
obvious special effects and
atrocious dubbing -it's
over-the-top camp
Sora no daikaiju Radon / Rodan (1956)

The King Brothers' theatrical release of Rodan was quite successful
in its first run in the United States. It was the first Japanese movie to
receive general release on the West Coast to make a strong
showing at the box-office. It later received the biggest TV
advertising campaign given to a film to that date on New York's
NBC flagship station WRCA-TV, where a series of commercials
running 10 to 60 seconds were shown for a week before the film's
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