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The Borrego Sandman (1939 - Present) - California The Monster State

Many of you are undoubtedly familiar with the legends of Bigfoot and all of his ape-like kin who are
reported to dwell in the numerous remote wilderness areas and swamps throughout North
America. These vast areas where man seldom treads provides a perfect refuge for these
creatures where food and water are plentiful and protection from the elements can be easily
attained. It may come to your surprise that the legendary monster is also a desert dweller as well.

As hard as it may be to fathom there are many reports from the vast deserts of Southern California
of Sasquatch-like creatures roaming the sand, much like they do in the lush forest. These very dry
areas with little vegetation, and almost no water supply would seem like the last place that a
6-to-10-foot-tall animal that weighs upwards of 400 pounds, and not to mention is covered with
thick fur, would want to call home, yet the sheer number of Bigfoot sightings in these areas are too
numerous to ignore.

In the late 1960s reports of Bigfoot sightings in the desert towns of Lancaster and Palmdale
reached a feverish pace that lasted well into the 1970s, then tapered off. Though these areas
border on the Mojave desert, they also border on the Angeles National forest, so it wouldn't seem
to unlikely that the creature could have been lured out of the wilderness and into the desert for
some unknown reason.

The Fontana Speedway Monster
(1951 - 1992)

The southern California city of Fontana has had a
long and glorious history in auto racing. As most of
you probably know, the city is the present home of
the Autoclub Speedway which holds a yearly major
NASCAR race along with other racing events of
different types.

What many of you might not know is way back in
the 1950s there was a drag-strip in the area that
was considered one of the best in the country. The
Mickey Thompson's Fontana International
Dragway, as it was called, lasted for almost two
decades before a series fatal accidents forced it
to close in 1972.

The area is now a housing tract known as the The
Village of Heritage and lies about a mile east of
Etiwanda Blvd on the north side of Foothill Blvd.

It seems that these race events that took place for
two decades in the area attracted more than
legions of die-hard race fans, they also attracted a
very curious monster.

The height of these sightings took place in the
early 1960s when race patrons would regularly
spot a giant, harry, Bigfoot-like creature crossing a
field adjacent to the track in full view of the

The Bigfoot was seen so regularly that it earned
the name "Speedway Monster".