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Mass Flying Dinosaur Sightings
In Texas Circa 1976
Monster Island News
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monster island news
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For two months in early 1976, the Rio Grande
Valley was plagued by a massive flying beast
known only as the Big Bird. On the evening of
January 7, San Benito policemen Arturo Padilla
and Homero Galván separately spotted a strange
winged form as they patrolled. That same night,
Alvérico Guajardo caught sight of the same
creature in Brownsville: he described it as a giant
bat. A week later an airborne monster with leathery
skin and simian features attacked Armando
Grimaldo of Raymondville.

After that incident, there came an avalanche of
reports. A group of teachers driving to San Antonio
witnessed what they swore was a prehistoric
pteranodon. National media picked up the story.
Johnny Carson joked about the Big Bird on The
Tonight Show. But when a reward was offered,
hoaxes started cropping up. Finally, the news
reported the capture of a jabiru, an enormous
South-American stork, and broadcast video of a
large blue heron native to Texas. Many people
believed the mystery of the Big Bird solved, and the
media turned to other stories. But those who had
encountered the creature, including the Perales
family, insist to this day that it still haunts the skies
of South Texas.
On New Year's Day, 1976, two girls near
Harlingen watched a large, birdlike creature with
a "gorilla-like" face, a bald head, and a
short beak. The next day, a number of three-toed
tracks were found in the field where the creature
had stood . On January 14, Armando Grimaldo
said he was attacked by the creature at
Raymondville. He said it was black, with a
monkey's face and large eyes. Further reports
surfaced from Laredo and Olmito, with a final
sighting reported from Eagle Pass on January 21.
Spotlight On The
Tombstone Pteranodon

Tombstone Epitaph, April
26, 1890

A winged monster,
resembling a huge
alligator with an extremely
elongated tail and
an immense pair of
wings, was found on the
desert between the
Whetstone and
Huachuca mountains last
Sunday by two ranchers
who were returning home
from the Huachucas. The
creature was evidently
greatly exhausted by a
long flight and when
discovered was able to fly
but a short distance at a
time. After the first shock
of wild amazement as it
passed the two men, who
were on horseback and
armed with Winchester
rifles , regained sufficient
courage to pursue the
monster and after
an exciting chase of
several miles succeeded
in getting near enough to
open fire with their rifles
and wounding it.
Dinosaurs found on
Papua New Guinea

Bat-like wings, a beak full
of razor sharp teeth,
tearing claws, a long tail
with a flanged end, is this
night-flying reptile a
figment of the
imagination? Or does it
provide living proof that
dinosaurs still exist today
in far-flung and obscure
little corners of the world.
Researchers have
unearthed the pterosaur,

The Ropen (Demon-flyer)
has terrified the people of
Papua New Guinea for
thousands of years, a
monster of the skies that
swoops down on its
unsuspecting prey, often
at night, and carries them
off to its lair.

The world is full of tales of
mythical beasts (the Loch
Ness Monster, Bigfoot,
the Yeti) and expeditions
costing millions of dollars
have been carried out,
often with the same
result: little or no
evidence, so the myth
lives on.

Not so with the Ropen, or
Dimorphodon Pterosaur,
the flying reptile which is
supposed to have died
out 65 million years ago
with the rest of the
dinosaurs, because,
according to American-
based researcher
Terrence Aym*,
“Eyewitness reports –
collected by
determined exploration
teams seeking strong
evidence of the creatures
– have led serious
researchers to the
conclusion that two
distinct animals exist”.
To the layman the carving
looks exactly like a
Stegosaurus, a giant
reptile which lived during
the Jurassic period.