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The Legend Of Boggy Creek (1972)(Charles B. Pierce)

In 1972 Charles Pierce, an ad salesman from Texarkana, borrowed $160,000 from a friend
who owned a car dealership, to make a movie about a local legend in Arkansas, that he had
heard about growing up. Armed with a hand-held camera, and the local residents, who played
themselves, Pierce set out to create a pseudo-documentary about recent encounters with a
Bigfoot-like creature in and around the small town of Fouke.

Amazingly enough, Pierce, with no experience at making movies, was able to create a very
believable and scary movie. His amateur actors, who obviously drew inspiration from their
real-life encounters, display such fear, that the viewer really gets taken in by their raw emotion.

Pierce's camera work and editing really creates a genuine feeling of terror. His wisdom in
only showing the monster from a distance, and in the shadows, adds to the mystery and the
overall eerie feeling of the film.

There has been renewed interest in "The Legend of Boggy Creek" due to a recent episode of
"Monster Quest" which focused on the "Fouke Monster" aka "The Swamp Stalker of Boggy
Creek". The program showed several scenes from the film and also featured reenactments of
some of the events that it documented.
Charles B. Pierce (1939 - 2010)

Pierce will forever be remembered for 1972 movie,
"The Legend of Boggy Creek", a film that recounted
the chilling events that reportedly happened in rural
Fouke, Arkansas in the early 1970s. As most of you
know, the town has always been a hot spot for
Bigfoot sightings, and Pierce's film documented a
period of time when the monster went on a
destructive rampage in and around Fouke.

To make his movie, Pierce borrowed $160,000
from a friend who owned a car dealership in
Texarkana. The film maker used local residents to
actually play themselves in the movie and used a
man in an ape costume, which kinda looked like the
Marvel comic book monster, Man-Thing, to play the
'Fouke Monster'. The film was a huge commercial
success and raked in $25 million at the box office.

After "Boggy Creek", Pierce would go on to direct,
“Bootleggers,” “The Town That Dreaded Sundown,”
“Winterhawk,” “The Winds of Autumn,” “Grayeagle,”
“The Norseman,” “The Evictors” and “Sacred
Ground,” as well as “Boggy Creek II.”

Film maker Daniel Myrick notes that "Boggy Creek"
was the main influence for his film, "The Blair Witch

Pierce reportedly passed away in a nursing home
in Dover, Tennessee, on March 5, 2010. The film
maker was 71.