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Wonder Woman (1942-1986 1st Series DC) #184 -
October 1969 Issue - DC Comics

Price $15 - Order Here

Diana hits on the idea of going to another dimension where King Arthur and
heroes of legend still exist and asking for their help in repelling Mars’s
troops. Drusilla, the Amazons’ messenger, takes her to that realm, in which
Arthur is holding a tournament of heroes. But none of them wish to go to war
again, even after Diana tells them Mars is on the march again. A fight begins
between Diana and Siegfried, but the Valkyrie Brunhilde stops it and tells
Diana she and her Valkyries would be proud to aid the Amazons.
Detective Comics (1937-) #372 -
February 1968 Issue - DC Comics

Price $15 - Order Here

Batman is called in by Commissioner
Gordon to investigate a strange series of
crimes wherein the wealth of Gotham City
have been burgled of valuables, however
the thieves have left behind I.O.U. cards.
Batman takes the case and notes that the
writing on the cards are old style writing
that is used at the Royal Karonian

Batman decides to investigate as Bruce
Wayne, taking a woman named Andrea --
who Bruce has abruptly ended dates with
in the past -- to the restaurant to
Detective Comics (1937-) #376 -
June 1968 Issue - DC Comics

Price $10 - Order Here

Records from the 20th century have been
destroyed in the null-nuclear war of the 22th
century. People from the future do not know
if Batman was a myth or a real person. A
group calling themselves the Batmaniacs
aim to prove that Batman is real, so they
send one member, Tomas back in time.
Tomas arrives in the 20th century where he
exists only as a ghost. He then watches as
Batman and Robin help Commissioner
Gordon solve a case. Gordon had some
important evidence stolen from his car.
Batman identifies the thief and tracks him
down. He then recovers the evidence.
During the entire adventure, Batman
believes he is being watched by a ghost.
Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series)
#226, March 1982 Issue - Marvel Comics

Price $9.00 - Order Here

The Black Cat is back! Revealed to be only faking her
insanity, she easily breaks out of the mental institution
and immediately put out a request to meet Spider-Man.
In trying to convince our web-slinger that she is going
straight, the Cat teams up with him and successfully
bring down a local mobster, Phil Bradshaw. At the end
of the issue, our two heroes share a lovely kiss. A
promising fate for the Black Cat unfolds - Marvel Comics
Where Monsters Dwell (1970) #1 - January 1970 Issue - Marvel Comics

Price $25.00 - Order Here

A man finds the Cyclops on an island encased in ice. He frees him with an ax and the monster
attempts to destroy him, but he leads the creature across another patch of ice covering a crevasse
which is too thin to support his weight and the Cyclops finds himself buried in the crevasse once again.

An explorer discovers Gorgolla in the Himalayan Mountains. Gorgolla awakes and captures him, then
summons his Stonian brethren to begin their attack on Earth. The lesser gargoyles under his
command however betray Gorgolla. He is seemingly killed by the Stonian army when they revive as
they had learned the ways of peace by observing humanity for centuries and no longer wished to live
as slave soldiers. After defeating Gorgolla, the Stonians pledge themselves towards protecting
Fantastic Four (1961 1st Series) #83 - February
1969 Issue - Marvel Comics

Price $30.00 - Order Here

Made prisoners of Maximus, Reed, Ben and Johnny are put in
a cell that they cannot break out of. Meanwhile, Maximus
selects a loyal guard of Inhumans to serve him. While the Royal
Family continues to try to break out of their own prison. Black
Bolt risks using his powerful voice to break loose and the
family fights through Maximus' loyal Alpha Primitives to free
Reed, Ben and Johnny.
Action Comics (1938 DC) #354 - September 1967 Issue - DC Comics

Price $10.00 - Order Here

Superman stars in "Captain Incredible!" Supergirl stars in "The Brain-Stealers!" (art
by Jim Mooney?). Curt Swan cover pencils.

A scientist of the 27th Century creates a super-robot named Captain Incredible, with
powers that exceed those of Superman, to be his aide, but the stress of traveling
back to the 20th Century turns the robot into Superman’s enemy. .
Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series) #158, July 1976 Issue -
Marvel Comics

Price $15 - Order Here

Falling to his doom, Spider-Man escapes this fate by creating a web-hang glider,
even though he makes a rough landing. Fixing up his Spider-Man costume at his
apartment, Peter is stuck dealing with Glory Grant who pops by for a visit, and Mary
Jane who rushes over to Peter's apartment when she learns of the damage and
sudden disappearance of Aunt May. Peter plays dumb, hoping for some way to get
out of there so he can resume his search for Aunt May as Spider-Man. He gets just
what he wishes for when Joe Robertson calls him and asks him to come to the Bugle.
There, Peter is only asked to check out the spectacle of Jameson's latest
replacement secretary since Betty Brant went on her honeymoon with Ned Leeds.
When word about Dr. Octopus kidnapping an old woman and taking control of
Brooklyn Labs gets out, Peter rushes out there as Spider-Man.

There, Dr. Octopus is building a device he hopes will destroy the ghost of
Hammerhead which has been haunting him since Hammerhead's supposed death.
However, he is delayed by not only the arrival of the Hammerhead ghost (who starts
terrorizing both May and Octopus), but the arrival of Spider-Man.

However, Spider-Man's intervention allows for Hammerhead's spirit floating into the
path of the device. Octopus actives the control hoping to be rid of his tormentor
forever, however something entirely unexpected happens: Hammerhead is restored
back to a physical body.
Captain America (1968 1st Series) #116, August 1969 Issue - Marvel

Price $10 - Order Here

As the ultimate revenge, the Red Skull has used the Cosmic Cube to swap bodies. Teleporting
Sharon Carter to them, she seeks comfort from Cap's greatest enemy, while Cap's warnings are
dismissed as the ravings of a madman. After convincing Sharon that the "Red Skull" is utterly mad,
"Captain America" sees her to the door, and tells her he's going to double back to make sure his foe
is turned over to the law. However, the Red Skull is, in reality, going to continue to use the Cosmic
Cube to imperil the Star-Spangled Avengers.

Using the Cube, the Red Skull transports Captain America outside a government testing lab. Spotted
by security, Captain America is shot at, with no way of proving he is not the Red Skull, Cap flees for
his life. To further implicate Captain America, the Red Skull uses the Cosmic Cube to cause an
explosion that the "Red Skull" gets blamed for. When the guards capture the "Red Skull", cap fights
free and flees the scene, stealing an automobile in order to get away. The Red Skull, satisfied that
Captain America will be utterly destroyed decides to see what it's like living in the boots of his oldest
Marvel Classic Character Series
Silver Surfer Statue

Price $49.99 - Order Here

Retro Silver Surfer! Fourth in this statue series is
Galactus' main servant and minion, Silver Surfer,
standing approximately 6-inches tall. Limited to just
750 pieces worldwide, he comes packaged in a
full-color tin that also includes a pin-back button and
character booklet. Ages 13 and up.
Will She Live To Tell? - Version 2 -
Erotic Bondage Art - Men's Pulp
Magazine Limited Edition Numbered

Price $10 - Order Here

Sensation magazine may have never existed, but
after seeing this print you will wish it did. Only this
sexy, busty blond knows the emperor's secret! Will
she live to tell it! The print looks amazing matted
and framed and will make a great addition to your
home. A must for pin up lovers! (Watermark Does
Not Appear On Actual Photograph)
DC Comics Bombshells Stargirl Statue

Price $99.99 - Order Here

Patriotic, isn't she? From the artwork of Ant Lucia,
comes this stunning 9 3/4-inch tall DC Comics
Bombshells Stargirl Statue. The blonde haired
beauty sits on her staff in a detailed, 1940's pinup
style look. Limited edition of 5,200 pieces.  
One Of A Kind - Creature From The
Black Lagoon Wine Bottle - Ultimate
Collectible - Universal Horror Movie

Price $50 - Order Here

This is a one of kind wine bottle featuring images,
graphics and information from the classic Universal
sci fi/horror movie "Creature from the Black Lagoon.
This is a hand-made item and is not being mass

Any Creature from the Black Lagoon fan would be
proud to add this to their collection. This one of a
kind item would make quite a conversation piece!
DC Bombshells Black Canary Art Print

Price $14.99 -
Order Here

The Black Canary sings.

Sultry and mysterious, with a voice that brings men
to their knees, The Black Canary sings the blues in
this retro DC Bombshells Art Print. DC Comics
Bombshells is DC Collectibles' line of statues
featuring the female superstars of the DC Universe
in looks and poses inspired by classic pin-up art.
The art prints from QMx offer fans a chance to own
beautiful reproductions of the original DC
Bombshells artwork designed by Ant Lucia. DC
Bombshells Black Canary Art Print measures
24-inches tall x 18-inches wide and is printed on
100-pound, satin-finish paper. Ages 14 and up.

Age:          14+
Size:         24-inches tall