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Them! (1954)(Warner Bros)

Them! is a 1954 Warner Bros. Pictures black and white science fiction film about a nest of
gigantic irradiated ants discovered in the New Mexico desert. The film is based on an original
story treatment by George Worthing Yates, which was developed into a screenplay by Ted
Sherdeman and Russell Hughes. It was produced by David Weisbart, directed by Gordon
Douglas, and stars James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, Joan Weldon and James Arness.

In the New Mexico desert, Police Sgt. Ben Peterson and his partner find a child wandering in the
desert and sooner they discover that giant ants are attacking the locals. FBI agent Robert
Graham teams up with Ben and with the support of Dr. Harold Medford and his daughter Dr.
Patricia 'Pat' Medford, they destroy the colony of ants in the middle of the desert. Dr. Harold
Medford explains that the atomic testing in 1945 developed the dangerous mutant ants. But they
also discover that two queen ants have flown away to Los Angeles and they are starting a huge
colony in the underground of the city. When a mother reports that her two children are missing, the
team and the army have a lead to follow. Will they arrive in time to save the children and destroy
the colony?

When Them! began production in the fall of 1953, it was originally conceived to be in 3-D and
Warner Color. During pre-production, tests were to be shot in color and 3-D. A few color tests
were shot of the large-scale ant models, but when it was time to shoot the 3-D test, Warner Bros'
"All Media" 3-D camera rig malfunctioned and no footage could be filmed.
Them! (1954)(Warner Bros)

Directed by Gordon Douglas
Produced by David Weisbart
Screenplay by Ted Sherdeman, Russell Hughes
Story by  George Worthing Yates


James Whitmore
Edmund Gwenn
Joan Weldon
James Arness

Music by Bronislau Kaper
Cinematography Sidney Hickox
Editing by Thomas Reilly

Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date June 19, 1954 (US)
Running time  94 minutes
Country United States
Language  English
Box office  $2.2 million