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The 1950s and 1960s, drive-ins began to spread like wildfire, increasing to more than 4,000 locations. The new sites
may have begun as a venue to watch films, but interestingly, the main films that were shown were mostly considered to
be B films. Patrons enjoyed them regardless and remained enthralled with what they saw – so much so that the drive-
in became a part of American culture where people came together to socialize with each other. It was an experience
all of its own making and is today is considered an important part of Americana.
Today there are fewer than 400 drive-ins are currently in operation across the United States.
A movie watched under the stars and while breathing in the fresh air. Audience members could even get out of the car
to stretch their legs and still hear and see the movie. The environment provided much more freedom than an indoor
theater, and people appreciated the intermissions. It was a magical experience and the memory of childhood drive-ins
still linger in many peoples memories.In an attempted to re-ignite that drive-in passion, Polyscope Media Group LLC. in conjunction with The B Movie
Celebration and Avery Battles, are announcing the launch of the 2013 B Movie Road Tour.

“Last year I curated the B Movie Celebration and people kept complaining that the location of the Celebration was
too far , but wouldn’t it be great to get emerging and classic B Movies in their town” Says Battles “This was our
inspiration for the Road Tour, our goal pure and simple is to making films and film going fun again”

The Road Tour heads off the first week of July and will initially feature the following line-up.

“A Boy And His Dog’ – The Classic 1975 black post-apocalyptic comedy from the fertile mind
of Harlan Ellison and directed by L.Q. Jones .

“Embedded” – New release, A news reporter and his cameraman embed themselves with a
group of hunters before all goes awry, only to find themselves as the hunted. Directed by
Michael Bafaro.

“The Giant Spider” – New release, Christopher R. Mihm’s homage to 1950’s creature features.

“Gila!” – New release, The Jim Wynorski remake of the 1959 classic “The Giant Gila Monster”.

“The Lost Empire” – 30th Anniversary tour. In a land in a distant past, three beautiful women,
members of a lost tribe, battle a madman with diabolical plans to destroy their “Lost Empire.”
Directed by Jim Wynorski.

“Nightbeasts” – New release, A father and son on a weekend hunting trip encounter
supernatural horror in the woods. Ably directed by Wes Sullivan and stars Zach

“Rabid Love” – New release, Paul J. Porter ode to the classic horror film of the 1980, not to be

“Resurrection” – New release, Genetically modified food begins to slowly turn the population of
a small MidWest town mad. Directed by Jeff Burr.

With this lineup, the organizers of the B Movie Road Tour hope to help audiences nation wide
re-discover their passion for the B Movie/Drive-in movie experience. As of the date of this
release 132 theaters have committed to participating in this years tour including drive-in theaters.
And by the way June 6th, 2013 is the 80th Anniversary of the Drive-In Movie Theatre.

For further information please go to our website

In a land in a distant past, three
beautiful women, members of a
lost tribe, battle a male genius
with diabolical plans to destroy
their “Lost Empire.” If the victor
can find the sacred jewels, they
can anticipate total power.
After officer Rob Wolfe is
killed trying to stop a gang of
ninjas from robbing a jewelery
store, his sister, officer Angel
Wolfe, vows to avenge his
death. Her investigation leads
her to the mysterious Dr. Sin
Do, who is supposedly in
league with an undead wizard
named Lee Chuck. The doctor
is holding a martial arts
tournament on a secret island
fortress, so Angel, after
rounding up some of her
martial-artist friends, enters the
tournament in the hopes of
finding Sin Do and Lee Chuck
and bringing them to justice.
When radiation left behind by atomic weapons testing creates a gigantic killer mutant arachnid, it’s
up to a trio of scientists, an Army general, a newspaper reporter and his fiancé to figure out how
to stop the hungry beast from devouring the entire county.
Participating Theatres

In Florida

Nova Sable Palm-Fort Pierce, FL

In Illinois

Nova 6 Cinemas-Moline, IL

Landmark Theatre, Peoria Il

Landmark Drive-in Peoria IL

Chatham, Chicago  IL

Hollywood Palms- Naperville, IL

Hollywood Boulevard,-Woodridge, IL

Avon, Decatur IL

Rivers Edge, Yorkville, IL

Morton, Morton, IL

Mar, Wilmington, IL

Wilmette, Wilmette, IL

Sycamore, Sycamore, Il

Brew & View Chicago, IL

Hollywood, Naperville, Il

Hollywood Blve. Woodridge, IL

Egyptian, DeKalb, IL

Highland Park, Highland Park, IL

Art, Champaign, IL

Bloomington, Bloomington, IL

In Indiana

Georgetown, Indianapolis, IN

In Iowa

Bijou, Iowa City, IA

In Kentucky

Dixie Dozen, Louisville, KY

In Michigan,

Loma Theatre Downtown – Coloma, MI

M-89 Cinema Cross Oaks Shopping Center – Otsego, MI

Michigan Theatre Downtown – South Haven, MI

Wonderland Cinema Downtown – Niles, MI

Ready -Niles, MI

In Wisconsin,

Paradise Theatre-West Bend, WI

Hartford, Hartford, WI

Rogers, Beaver Dam, WI

Rogers, Stevens Point, WI

Rivoli Cedarburg, WI

Rogers, Marshfield, WI

Tosa, Wauwatosa, WI

Rogers, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Sundance, Madison, WI