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Iron Man and
Sub-Mariner #1,
April 1968 Issue –
Marvel Comics –
Grade Fine


$89.99 USD


Roy Thomas and Archie
Goodwin stories. Gene
Colan, Johnny Craig, and
Frank Giacoia art. Cover by
Colan and Bill Everett.

Iron Man is magnetically
bound to a table in the lower
hull of a Maggia gambling
ship. An overhead laser
beam threatens to slice him
in half. He manages to pull a
recharge cable from one his
side-pods and short circuits
the electrical systems
operating both the table and
the laser.

Simultaneously, agents of A.I.M. board the cruise ship and raid the gambling
den. Big M orders Whiplash to deal with them. Avoiding enemy fire, Whiplash
manages to keep the A.I.M. agents at bay with his whip. As everything erupts
into chaos, Jasper Sitwell dives behind a poker table and tries to stay out of
sight. Big M and Whiplash eventually retreat and seal themselves inside of a
special chamber.

Comic Book will be shipped bagged and boarded!

Vintage item from the 1960s
Ships worldwide from Victorville, California