Captain America (1968 1st Series) #230, February 1979 Issue – Marvel Comics - Entertainment Blog
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Plot by Roger McKenzie. Script by Roger Stern. Art by Sal Buscema (breakdowns)
and Don Perlin (finishes). Cover by Ron Wilson and Bob Layton.

Captain America, Marvel Man, and Vamp take a tour guide to Alcatraz. Corporation
agents abduct Bruce Banner and his friend, Fred Sloan, and take them to their HQ
beneath Alcatraz. Cap, Marvel Man, and Vamp infiltrate the base, but Marvel Man’s
eagerness gives away their element of surprise. They storm the bunker to find
Falcon chained to sea gates. Corporation manager Curtiss Jackson explains that
Falcon and Banner are bait for Falcon’s nephew, Jim Wilson, a former associate.
Kligger, a rival Corporation executive, appears with Moonstone and their captive,
Jim Wilson. Kligger proposes a trade of Jim for Cap, and Vamp reveals herself as
Kligger’s operative. Cap and Marvel Man fight back, and Banner turns into the Hulk
and joins the melee. The confused Hulk dispatches Cap and Marvel Man, and
Kligger turns Vamp into the monstrous Animus to help Moonstone defeat the Hulk.
With the heroes unconscious, Jackson opens the sea gates and water rushes into
the chamber. – Marvel Comics