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Price: $222.99 – Entertainment

Fearless Warrior, indeed!
The comic book heroine is alluring as she
From Attakus’ Cixi de Troy statue series.
Limited edition of just 599 pieces!

Cixi de Troy fans, feast your eyeballs on this scrumptious statue from Attakus! Taken directly from an image by artist Olivier Vatine of
Cixi wearing her red Fearless Warrior outfit, Cixi is caught in the midst of alluringly removing her bikini bottoms. Sweet! Measuring
over 11 3/4-inches tall, the enticing resin sculpture is a must collectible for fans of the Cixi de Troy and Lanfeust de Troy series of
comic books. It’s a limited edition of just 599 pieces, so don’t miss out!
Cixi de Troy is the beautiful but rebellious younger daughter of Nicolede, and quite a handful! Despite the disapproval of her father and
sister, she pursues Lanfeust with lust. Ages 18 and up.

Age:          18+
Size:         11 3/4-inches tall
Edition Size:         599