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The Man Without Fear attempts to dismantle the Black Spectre organization, meets the Man-Thing
and more!
In 1964, Marvel premiered one of its enduring and exciting super heroes, Daredevil. Whether in his
secret identity as blind lawyer Matt Murdock or using his enhanced radar senses, DD stood out
from the crowd as an unrelenting crusader for justice.To celebrate 75 years of Marvel, 50 years of the Man Without Fear and the upcoming debut of
“Marvel’s Daredevil” on Netflix in 2015, we look back on the hero of Hell’s Kitchen’s remarkable

In the jam-packed year of 1974, Daredevil not only challenged Black Spectre, one of the deadliest
criminal organizations of all time, but also shared a way-out adventure with the Marvel Universe’s
strangest denizen, the macabre Man-Thing.

Endowed with powers from beyond our planet, Terrex continued his rampage in DAREDEVIL
#107, but it all ended with a big cosmic finish as Captain Marvel joined with DD, Moondragon, the
Black Widow, and Angar the Screamer to end the monster’s reign.

DAREDEVIL #108 brought not Christmas cheer, but depression to the romantic triangle of
Daredevil, Black Widow, and Moondragon. When Matt Murdock’s old partner Foggy Nelson got
shot in New York City while digging up dirt on the Black Spectre group, the Man Without Fear raced
back to the East coast to lend a hand. There, our hero and Natasha ran into priestess of hate
Nekra, who tried to recruit both heroes in DAREDEVIL #109, but only succeeded in whisking away
the Black Widow.

Daredevil joined forces with the Thing in MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #3 against Black Spectre, but when Ben Grimm caught a glimpse of the
organization’s unmasked leader, the mystery only deepened. Matt found a friend in Shanna the She-Devil in DAREDEVIL #110, then met the
Mandrill, Black Spectre’s mutant mastermind and possessor of our hero’s most precious secret: his identity as Matt Murdock.
With the Black Widow as his slave, Mandrill revealed his plot to overthrow the American government to DD, and then sent his operative the Silver
Samurai to dispatch the hero in DAREDEVIL #111. Captured and shanghaied away in Black Spectre’s blimp to Washington D.C., Matt’s final
battle with the Mandrill came in DAREDEVIL #112, ending in the villain’s seeming death—and disappearance.While temporarily bunking in New York to help the recovering Foggy Nelson in DAREDEVIL #113, Matt found himself embroiled in a mystery
which led him to the Florida Everglades and a brutal encounter with not only the Gladiator, but a new opponent known as the Death-Stalker. A last-
minute save by the shambling Man-Thing in DAREDEVIL #114 and an escape from a burning swamp shack forced our hero back to New York
and a big showdown with Death-Stalker in DAREDEVIL #115.

Before he jetted back to San Francisco, Daredevil aided Spider-Man in battling the Unholy Trio of Cat-Man, Bird-Man, and Ape-Man in MARVEL
TEAM-UP #25. Upon his return home to the West coast in DAREDEVIL #116, he found some small solace in the arms of the Black Widow, but
also strife from an attack by his old enemy the Owl. As the year ended, Daredevil’s poisoned and unconscious body flew off in the Owl’s helicopter
to parts unknown.