Four Color (1942 Series 2) #711, 1956 Issue Dell Comics Tom & Jerry - Entertainment Blog
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Indicia title is “M.G.M.’s MOUSE MUSKETEERS, No. 711.” Cover art by Harvey
Eisenberg. Fiddledeedee; The Musketeers and M’sieur Poosycat try to put the
King in a good humor so that he will quit assigning jobs to them. Boo to You; A
prospective buyer is coming to inspect the castle, so the King orders M’sieur
Poosycat to keep the Musketeers in the stable. En Garde, Guard; When the King
is sick in bed with the hiccups, M’sieur Poosycat starts giving orders to the
Musketeers. Mouse Musketeers and the Magic Sword; The Queen of
Slobberoovia gives the King a magic sword; The King challenges the Duke of
Balford to a duel.