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I think it’s safe to say that just about everyone has seen Hanna-Barbera Productions rather lame cartoon adaptation of Toho’s most famous monster entitled ‘The Godzilla Power Hour’. Don’t get me wrong, when I was eleven years old I thought it was great. In fact it may have really been something special if it hadn’t been for Godzooky, the fat dim-witted son … cousin …whatever, of Godzilla that was added unnecessarily for comic relief. Though the 1978 series fell short there was plenty of possibilities for a great Godzilla cartoon based on the shows stronger points.

Now some images have surfaced for another proposed Godzilla cartoon series called ‘Godzilla: All Monsters Attack!’ which features every ones favorite Toho monsters as superheroes who defend the Earth from all comers. It’s kinda like the Justice League if Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman were twenty stories tall.


Just about every creature that has ever crossed paths with the ‘king of the monsters’ is featured here including Godzilla (um…duh), Rodan, Anguirus, Mothra, Jet Jaguar, even Zone Fighter and King Kong. Each morphed into a great hero character that any monster fan would be very happy about.

Here is the plot:

In a world ravaged by giant beasts and evil aliens, Earth’s greatest defender is Godzilla, King of the Monsters the restless protector of man and land alike. Using an array of martial arts, and a mastery of atomic power, the stormin’ saurian roams the world helping those in need wherever they may be. But he’s not along in his fight. Pursued and monitored by the crew of the Douglas Gordon (voiced by Don Frye), Godzilla finds himself a man-made ally in the mighty flying battleship Gotengo and its squadron of Mogera-jets.

Along the way, Godzilla also teams up with other monsters allies in his efforts to fight crime. Among them are Anguirus, his best friend and burly enforcer, Rodan, his uneasy rival and respected ally, Mothra, his moral foil, Junior his adopted son, and Jet Jaguar, the living robot with a style all his own.

With all these allies, can Godzilla hope to defeat Doctor Mafune and his army of remote controlled monsters? Just what is the secret weapon of Doctor Dorat? Can Captain Gordan hope to overcome the forces of Red Bamboo? Find out on Godzilla: All Monsters Attack!

With any luck and with more media attention this series could become a reality and how cool would that be!

Here are some images of the monsters from ‘Godzilla: All Monsters Attack!”:

Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice… um … Monster Island



King Ceasar

Megalon & Gigan