Ultraman Cosmos vs. Ultraman Justice: The Final Battle (2003) - Entertainment Blog
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Directed By: Tsugumi Kitaura
Takayasu Sugiura
Kazue Fukiishi as Ultraman Justice
Yurika Asada as Natsuki Kuramoto
Hidekazu Ichise
Runtime: 77 Minutes
Color: Color
Sound: Dolby Digital Surround
Released: December 21, 2003


While E.Y.E.S. prepare to safely transport the worlds monsters to a far off planet where they will no longer be
troubled by humans an army of giant alien robots appear to stop the project. Ultraman Cosmos arrives in time to
temporarily stop the attack when Ultraman Justice enters the battle aiding the alien invaders. Cosmos is defeated
by Justice and the Aliens destroy the spacecraft that were to be used as transports for the monsters. It becomes
apparent that these aliens don’t want Earth’s species to leave the planet.

With Cosmos out of the way the invaders begin an onslaught against the Earth’s major cities. Every attack is
witnessed by a mysterious woman in black who shows no emotion and no desire to interact with any of the victims.
Without Cosmos the world is defenseless.

It is soon revealed that the mysterious woman is Justice who has been controlled by the invaders to oversee their
plans. Justice appears at a meeting of top level E.Y.E.S. leaders to deliver  a message from the invaders. In the
near future life on Earth will become a threat to peace in the Galaxy. The Aliens have come to destroy all life on
Earth then restart it with new species that will be more acceptable to the other planets. The destruction of Earth will
begin in 35 hours and there will be no negotiations.

Through interaction with a kind young girl and her puppy Justice is able to see the good in mankind and break free
from alien control in time to revive Cosmos before the final destruction of Earth is set to begin.

With the combined efforts of the Ultramen the alien robots are overcome, but the aliens have another trick up their
sleeve. All the robots combine into a giant super robot. This new robot is far too powerful for the duo to overcome.
Spiritual strength would come from the soul of a young man who is connected to the Ultramen. This new found
energy source is all that is needed to push the balance of power in favor of Earth’s defenders and the aliens are
quickly vanquished.