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The costuming was originally
intended to be relatively scanty
for all the actors in the film, but it
was decided the resulting
demands on makeup on the skin
such as the legs were prohibitive.

The first choices for the roles of
Logan and Jessica were Jon
Voight and Lindsay Wagner. The
role of Peter Ustinov’s character,
the Old Man, was offered to
James Cagney. The character of
Francis was originally to be
played by William Devane, but he
pulled out of the film.

According to Michael Anderson,
the old man’s buttons are United
States pennies. He made
makeshift buttons out of them
because he couldn’t find any real

The shots of the pistons that
controlled the elevator leading to
the scene in the ice cave were
taken directly from director
Michael Anderson’s previous film,
The Wreck of the Mary Deare


It’s 2274 and on the surface, it all
seems to be an idyllic society.
Living in a city within an enclosed
dome, there is little or no work
for humans to perform and
inhabitants are free to pursue all
of the pleasures of life. There is
one catch however: your life is
limited and when you reach 30, it
is terminated in a quasi-religious
ceremony known as Carousel.
Some, known as runners, do try
to escape their fate when the time
comes and it’s the job of
Sandmen to track them down and
kill them. Logan is such a man
and with several years before his
own termination date, thinks
nothing of the job he does.