George Lucas Credits ‘Star Trek’ With Paving The Way For The Success Of ‘Star Wars’ - Entertainment Blog
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Has George Lucas just quashed the decades-long beef between “Star Trek” nerds
and “Star Wars” dorks? For years, dudes with tape holding together their glasses
and pocket protectors protruding proudly from their shirt pockets have debated
amongst themselves about which franchise had the most sci-fi bonafides. Well,
now that he’s left Lucasfilm, maybe Lucas should just get a job at the U.N.
because he just provided the most diplomatic and humble assessment of the
relationship between the two mega-series, quietly in a bonus feature on the
recently released documentary “Trek Nation.” ” ‘Star Trek’ softened up the
entertainment arena so that ‘Star Wars’ could come along and stand on its
shoulders,” Lucas said in an interview featured on the DVD.