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As in most films there is a story inside a story and Mr. Lobo is just the man to reveal such secrets. Follow along as Mr. Lobo
discovers Phantoms true objective here on Earth and an intergalactic conspiracy to overthrow our Prince of Space.

Mr. Lobo is one of the first to arrive at the
Phantom’s landing site where a
telescoping weapon has just evaporated
the Army. Phantom begins to tell him of his
evil plans to take over our world.

It would seem that to Phantom our world
has become too corrupt and polluted. He
explains his plans to replace our world
economy with…….er um…hemp.
Mr. Lobo opens the show by informing us
that his favorite Japanese Sci-fi movie,
Destroy All Monsters, is now 50 years old
according to the DVD cover.

Later on in the episode, after Mr.Lobo’s
head had cleared, the list of possible
conspirators is mapped out. Who would
benefit most if Prince of Space were out
of the picture? Queen Latifah purhaps?
After reading the list out load it becomes
obvious that this conspiracy is just too
much for Mr. Lobo to handle alone. He
opts to have his memory erased for

It would seem that there was something
else burning at the landing site besides
debris and Japanese soldiers. Mr. Lobo
has a little trouble focusing during his Mail
Sac feature.

Mr. Lobo returns from space a hero. Here
he ponders tonights film and the future of
television. Such big thoughts for such a
humble Horror Host.

A message from The Queen of Space
hits the mark. Indeed Mr.Lobo’s deeds in
protecting The Prince of Space shall be

Mr. Lobo is contacted by The Prince of
Space himself. Has his attempts to
discover the truth been noticed by the
Intergalactic Royal Family?