Son of Godzilla Minilla 1967 Version Toho Series 12-Inch Scale Vinyl Figure - Entertainment Blog
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Coming in April 2014
Pre-Order now and we’ll deliver in April
2014 (estimated date / subject to change).
Item Number: DC628313

Price: $79.99

From Entertainment

Son of Godzilla Minilla 1967 Version Toho 12-Inch Figure

This Son of Godzilla comes to you as a stylized vinyl figure measuring 7 1/2-inches tall! A strange energy from Sollgel Island
interferes with a weather experiment… and also helps to spawn giant bugs in the form of Kumonga and Kamacuras! The energy
originates from Godzilla’s egg, which attracts much attention from the island’s mega-fauna! But once hatched, the baby Godzilla
known as Minilla begins to learn what it means to be the “King of the Monsters” from his father!