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Directed by Vic Savage
credited as:
A.J. Nelson
Produced by Vic Savage
credited as:
A.J. Nelson
Written by Robert Silliphant
Narrated by Larry Burrell
Starring Vic Savage
Shannon O’Neil
William Thourlby
John Caresio
Music by Frederick Kopp
Cinematography Andrew Janczak
Editing by Vic Savage
credited as:
A.J. Nelson
Distributed by Crown International Television
Release date 1964
Running time 75 min
Country USA
Language English

My God!!! What Is It???!

The answer is carpet, straw and vacuum cleaner hoses.

The monster that appears in the cult classic ‘The Creeping Terror’ is one of the worst to ever appear on the silver screen, rivaled only by Roger Corman’s Cookie Monster in ‘Creature from the Haunted Sea’, Phil Tucker’s gorilla with a space helmet in ‘Robot Monster’, and Fred F Sears’ puppet buzzard in ‘The Giant Claw.’ With a head covered in old vacuum cleaner hoses, a body covered in carpet samples and a mouth that looks mysteriously like a vagina ‘The Creeping Terror’ is quite a sight to behold. According to reports, however this was not what was supposed to appear in the film at all. Only a few days before shooting was to begin, the original monster was stolen. Pressed for time and out of money, director Vic Savage and his crew hastily threw together the infamous “pile of carpets” monster that appears in the film.

That however was not the only problem that plagued the production of this cinema dud. During post production the producer lost the original soundtrack. Unable to get all of the cast back together for dubbing, they were forced to record a narration and use surviving alternate takes to replace it. It shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise that most of the cast wouldn’t have wanted to come back in for dubbing due mostly to the fact that many of them (naive Hollywood hopefuls desperate to get into a film) had been duped into paying the producers for parts in the film.

Indeed ‘The Creeping Terror’ is a mess of cardboard spaceship sets with controls labeled in English, victims having to climb into the monster costume to be eaten, and a story that is all over the place.

The only good point in the movie comes shortly after the monster arrives at the dance hall where women in tight pants shake their booties, a woman who is trying to flee is thrown down by a man who grabs her arm. Her dress and brassiere are torn away, briefly revealing her breasts. The woman looks surprised, covers her chest and hides behind a man for the remainder of the shot.

That two seconds of boobies was about the only thing worth seeing in the whole film!

On that point not many people have ever seen ‘The Creeping Terror’ due to the fact that there is no evidence that the film ever appeared in theaters and moreover there is no evidence that the film ever appeared on television prior to 1976. In fact the movie may never have reached the public’s attention had it not been featured on an episode of ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000.’

Narrator: ‘Despite Brett’s inquiries about what Martin had seen in the spacecraft, he avoided specific details for fear of disturbing her more than she was. If the truth were known, Martin was more than a little disturbed himself.’

After seeing a giant vagina wrapped in carpet who wouldn’t be a little shaken right?