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What makes Mighty Peking Man such a trashy delight? It’s not just the absurdly
obvious special effects and atrocious dubbing–those are the easy laughs–it’s the
over-the-top romantic and dramatic moments that really push this movie into camp
heaven. When a gigantic ape-man destroys a village in a remote jungle, a fiendish
promoter decides to capture this prehistoric creature and put him on display. He
hires Johnny (Danny Lee, who resembles current Canto-pop superstar Andy Lau), a
heartbroken adventurer, to hunt Peking Man down.

Johnny and his partners bring Samantha and Utam to Hong Kong, where Utam goes
on display to the incredulous public. Johnny, meanwhile, reconciles with the girlfriend
whose romantic betrayal with his brother had been the impetus behind his sudden
decision to explore the Himalayas. Samantha sees this and runs off, nearly getting

Strikingly lovely, sexy, and shapely Swiss blonde bombshell Evelyne Kraft was born
on April 11, 1951 in the USSR. The statuesque stunner made her film debut as
Eleonora in the enjoyable Italian giallo “The French Sex Murders.” Evelyne achieved
her greatest enduring cult cinema popularity with her memorable starring role as the
innocent, yet alluring Amazonian jungle goddess Ah Wei in the gloriously daft Hong
Kong giant creature feature “The Mighty Peking Man.” Kraft had another lead part as
the titular character in the amusing lowbrow horror comedy romp “Lady Dracula.” Her
last role was as a terrorist posing as a secretary in “Assassination Attempt.” After
she called it a day as an actress, Evelyne dedicated herself to charity-focused
construction work in Africa with her own building company based in Nigeria.